Xitus has completed transactions in Bermuda, The UK, Europe and Ireland and has recently expanded into the USA. Buying insurance assets to release capital for the owners of those assets is what our analysts are focussed on 24/7.

Our specialist teams work with consultants and their clients in a collaborative, mutually beneficial process to ensure the ultimate outcome for all parties.

Xitus insurance Holdings delivers rapid, state of the art solutions through our team of professionals worldwide.

Our team is able to draw on deep pools of excellence to meticulously grasp the extent of claims, liabilities and reserves providing timeous turnrounds for sellers and claimants.

Our conservative approach aids sellers to confidently release and redeploy their tied capital, secure in the knowledge that past obligations are being addressed in compliance with insurance and business best practice, compliance and regulation.

The sale will solve a sellers problem.
Transactions are human-centered and focused on the seller's needs
The seller sees the end result during the process, not only at the end
The outcome for the client is clear and easily calculated
Solutions fit the sellers requirements

You, the sellers, experience when dealing with Xitus ?

The past 12 months have seen the reversal of 40 years of ultra low interest rates which coupled with various other factors such as changes to insurance, regulatory legislation, hardening insurance rates and increased catastrophe claims, have created situations where owners of captives, underwriters of insurance and re-insurance prefer to release capital tied into restrictive insurance reserves.

Xitus Insurance Holdings’ team’s experience, coupled with an engaged shareholder capital provider base results in fair pricing with a rapid, confident conclusion.

In late 2019 the team entered negotiations with an oil and gas captive, despite the challenges presented by COVID, the team persevered and concluded the transaction at original terms to the relief of the seller.

A small example of our dedication to ensuring the satisfaction of sellers who entrust their claims obligations to us.

Our negotiations can proceed as fast or slowly as you the seller decides. Our process is thorough, however we commit the resources to the project to ensure the optimum speed for the sellers who we work with.